Quercia e L'Asino

Piazza Armerina - Sicily

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"La Quercia e l'Asino" is very close to the city center of the city of mosaics.

Marisa, Fulvia, Luna and Fiamma, our four donkeys, will host you with a magic bray.

The structure is a late 19th century building and its various conveniences will make you feel like in you own home. The building is surrounded by nature where you can hear the bray of the donkeys and the chirping of birds.

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B&B La Quercia e L'Asino Piazza Armerina

Special Offer

10% discount on the third night if you book from our Website.

Objects from the past to live in the present

In the age of consumerism, it is unthinkable to most people to give a soul to the objects of the past. We did it with the help of the artist Vincenzo Germanà who was able to transform disuses objects into poems.

We invite you to discover "Arte in movimento" (Art in motion) by Vincenzo Germanà
La Quercia e L'Asino

What we offer

Rooms are equipped with all accessories and furnished with antiques owned by owner of the building, but, thanks to the genius of Vincenzo Germanà they comes to live again under a new form.

Just choose the room you prefer, each one with the names of our donkeys, and enjoy the same pace of the past petting one of our donkeys, resting in the shadow of the oaks reading a book or going to the markets close to the building with your favorite donkey to buy all the ingredients for a delicious dinner.

Where the time tell you the past for understanding the present

Often, daily frenetic life makes we doing daily gestures without take care of what we are doing. So, we don't realize having doing them.
Our B&B will let you slow down the pace of your life to enjoy every day moments together with your loved ones and realize what happens around you.
Revalue how wonderful is life: sitting under an oak reading a book, have a breakfast in the courtyard seeing the historical part of the city are just few things you can experience in our structure.

The sun comes in from the balcony and brushes your awakening!

The well-earned rest after an intense day of... holiday!

A glance out of the window will fill you of serenity.

The treasure chest where the keys of love are stored!
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Via Martin Luther King, 4
Piazza Armerina, 94015, Sicily


Phone number: +39.328.68.20.251

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